‘Marvel’s Spider-Man'(PS4) Has a New Kick Ass Trailer


Marvel is going to through a bit of a transformation in their games division. They’ve teamed up with Square-Enix to develop a new Avengers game, and recently we’ve had the shroud of secrecy slowly pulled off of their new Spider-Man game. The game is being developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Both of these games are meant to launch a new era in Marvel Video Games which haven’t seen the best of times in recent years.

Today we got a glimpse of that new future, and I gotta say it’s looking pretty damned bright. During the 2017 Paris Games Week, a new trailer was released giving us our best look at the new Spidey centric game!


My jaw dropped a couple of times at the new reveals in this trailer. MJ, Aunt May(presumably), Shocker, Mr. Negative, and Miles Morales all occupy this trailer. The story follows an older Peter Parker still juggling the responsibilities of being Spider-Man after putting away Wilson Fisk aka The Kingpin.

Peter seems to be looking over a shelter the belonged to Mr. Negative before he went all Negative. I love that we’re going to be able to explore the duality of Peter Parker in this game. Playing as both sides of the hero is going to provide a high dimension to the game. Norman Osborn is also in this trailer running for re-election, could a Green Goblin storyline be on the horizon?

The gameplay looks very fluid with Spider-Man zipping around performing acrobatic stunts on his enemy’s. We also seem to be able to play as Mary Jane in this game, but that could also just be some misdirection from the camera. But if it was a revelation of gameplay that is awesome. I like that Peter and MJ have a partnership in this game when it comes to the Spidey action.

I’m glad Insomniac games and Marvel are taking a more Arkham route with their games. Building a new universe up from the ground up rather than relying on movie tie-ins. If this game is good, hopefully, we can see more Marvel heroes headline their own story-driven games. I’m dying on another excellent Hulk game after Ulitmate Destruction. 

The graphics are spectacular. The story looks amazing.  From the looks of it, we seem to have an ultimate Spider-Man experience on our hands.

What did you guys think of the new trailer? Please let us know in the comments below.



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