‘The Disaster Artist’ Is Hilarious and Inspiring


**The following is an in-depth review of “The Disaster Artist” and does contain spoilers**

The true story of the making of one of the most infamous films in Hollywood history is brought magnificently to life in Jame’s Franco’s “The Disaster Artist.”


Red Sparrow Trailer Review

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Fox released the trailer for ‘Red Sparrow’ this morning. The film is the reunion between director Francis Lawrence, who was at the helm of the last three Hunger Games movies, and Jennifer Lawrence(no they are not related)

Who Should Play Batgirl in the DCEU?

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All we currently know about the DCEU’s solo “Batgirl” film is that Joss Whedon is to direct, write, and produce. No word yet on a lead actress, besides a rumor about Lindsey Morgan possibly playing the heroine (who is not on this list but I believe would be a great choice). Keep in mind these are my picks for Barbara Gordon, as that is the Batgirl that the film will apparently feature. So who should play Batgirl in the DCEU? Here are our five picks: