‘The Disaster Artist’ Is Hilarious and Inspiring


**The following is an in-depth review of “The Disaster Artist” and does contain spoilers**

The true story of the making of one of the most infamous films in Hollywood history is brought magnificently to life in Jame’s Franco’s “The Disaster Artist.”


‘CHiPs’ Diverges from the Source Material, but Still Entertains


**The following is an in-depth review of “CHiPs” and does contain spoilers**

Hollywood has had a real trend in rehashing old television series for major motion pictures in the past decade. The quality of these films is pretty hit or miss. Sometimes you get “SWAT” and sometimes you get “Bewitched.” Dax Shepard’s “CHiPs” sits somewhere in the middle.

Why the X-Men Don’t Belong in the MCU


Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige’s recent announcement that a deal between Fox and Marvel that would allow Marvel’s merry mutants to be included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has left some fans with a feeling of disappointment. For a lot of fans, seeing the X-Men rights return to Marvel has been a rallying cry pretty much since Marvel began financing their own movies with 2008’s “Iron Man.” Including the X-Men Marvel’s shared cinamatic universe, however, would be a move that would irrevocably damage everything the X-Men are.

‘Arrival’ is Interesting, but Hard to Get Through


**The following is an in-depth review of “Arrival” and does contain spoilers**

Alien invasion movies are a Hollywood staple. From 1927’s “Metropolis” to 1953’s “War of the Worlds” and 1996’s “Independence Day” moviegoers seem fascinated with the idea of being visited by visitors from other planets. Often those visits are hostile – as those noted before – but Hollywood has also given us some great movies about benign visitors from the stars like “Starman,” “E.T.” and “Cocoon.”