‘Flatliners’ Comes Back To Life In New Trailer For The ReSequel

Horror, Movies

Flatliners is back baby! The 90’s cult classic is the latest of a slew of modern sequels to 20-year-old movies starring a very impressive cast including  Ellen Page, Diego Luna, Nina Dobrev, James Norton, Kiersey Clemons, and Kiefer Sutherland who is returning from the previous film.

The plot revolves around a bunch of curious attractive college students who want to know what awaits us after we die. So they take some scientific steps to found out. The latest trailer was released today where we got our first looks at the film and the cast.


The trailer itself does intrigue me. The cast actually looks like they’re trying and it is a show of confidence to get this level of talent on board for this sequel. The visuals and direction also look to have some style behind it. Plus, the competition introduced with upping the minutes you stay dead is a very intriguing choice. I will say sadly that the horror angle of this trailer didn’t really grab me as much as I wanted it to but hopefully that is executed better in the film. Also, I wish they didn’t reveal Ellen Page’s characters goal in the trailer but this is Sony.

Overall this movie has my attention. This is a sequel that’s far enough removed to do it’s own thing but also honor the original. I hope for some good scares and performances.

Flatliners opens  September 29, 2017 



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