‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season Two Review


“Legends of Tomorrow”, starring Caity Lotz, Brandon Routh, Arthur Darvill, Dominic Purcell, Victor Garber, Nick Zano and many more, concluded its 2nd season earlier this month and ended it on a very high note.

The show was enjoyable in its first season but it grew and became a great show in its second one. The ensemble was a great addition to the CW and the time travel elements added a lot of entertainment to the mix. Some of the highlights included were interactions with a young George Lucas, introductions to Rex Tyler and the rest of the Society.

Introducing the Justice Society of America was a bold move on the show’s half and it worked perfectly. The introduction of Nate Heywood and Amaya Jiwe was one of the highest points of the season. The two characters worked very well with the rest of the team. Ray and Nate formed a brotherly bond while Nate provided a lot of information for the team with him being an historian. However, the inclusion of Amaya being from the past and the team knowing about her fate as well as her granddaughter’s, made for a very interesting team dynamic.

One of the major reasons the show improved so radically was the removal of Vandal Savage and his century-long problem with Hawkman and Hawkgirl. However, the bringing back of Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) in a very unexpected way was a definite highlight.

The Legion of Doom being the new villains of the season worked perfectly and the team dynamic of Reverse Flash, Damian Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn interacting brought a lot of entertainment and humor to audiences. As compared to the rest of the CW shows, it has the best humor. However, Arrow and Flash have been becoming increasingly darker and the inclusion of these previously established villains made this show extremely memorable. Their motivations had been made clear to us from previous appearances on Arrow and The Flash.

Rip Hunter was an integral part of the show’s 1st season but had shifting alliances for the majority of the second season. Being an ally to the Legends was as common as him being an enemy to them.

Sara Lance being the new Captain of the Legends was one of the best parts of this upgrade. Her character developed a lot and the show writers finally addressed her feelings after Laurel’s death and her visible hatred of Damian Darhk. She led the team much better than Rip ever had and she considered the team’s point-of-view before making decisions unlike their previous captain. Even Martin Stein got more screen time whereas his partner Jax barely got to spend any time on the screen.

This show was good in its first season but it truly became amazing, in every sense of the word, in its second season. New characters were worthy, entertaining and had very interesting dynamics with others. It was full of plot twists along with adventures plus a great sense of humor and compelling character arcs. Overall, people should definitely check out this show.

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