‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ – Trailer Breakdown

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It’s finally here! After months of anticipation fans have finally gotten our first official look at “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”. Now it’s time to do what us Star Wars fans do best: dissect every last pixel.

The trailer begins with Rey, on the ground, gasping for air. This is probably something she has to go through during her Force training with Luke.

We then hear Luke saying “Breathe, just breathe”, and the trailer cuts to a few shots of Ahch-to (the island that Luke and Rey were atop of at the end of “The Force Awakens”). Then we see a beautiful shot of Rey using the Force on some rocks.
Then Luke asks Rey, “What do you see?”, as the trailer cuts to a back-shot of General Leia. During the shot of Leia you can hear her famous line from “A New Hope”, “Help me Obi-Wan, you’re my only hope.” Rey then responds to Luke’s question with, “The light, the darkness, the balance.” While Rey says this we see a shot of Kylo Ren’s crushed mask, and you can hear Obi-Wan saying, “the dark side”. Then it cuts to someone waving their hand over a book with the old symbol of the Jedi Order.

We hear Rey’s lightsaber power up as the trailer cuts to here training with Luke on a mountain from afar. Luke finally responds to Rey and tells her that, “It’s so much bigger.”

Then the trailer kicks into overdrive. We see Finn in some kind of pod, and he’s asleep. Then Poe’s X-Wing gets blown up again (poor Poe, he can’t catch a break). Poe and BB8 are also reunited, as we see the cute droid rushing down the hallway with the Resistance pilot. Then we see the Millennium Falcon in a dog fight with some TIE fighters. Rey is shown running either towards something or from something with her lightsaber powered on, while Kylo is looking creepy as ever.

Then the trailer cuts to possibly the most interesting shot of the trailer, it looks to be Luke looking at his Jedi temple burning down (which would be caused by Kylo). Luke is also wearing the same outfit he was wearing in Rey’s vision in The Force Awakens, and he’s with R2D2, just like in Rey’s vision. Could we see this in a flashback of Luke’s? Or is it another one of Rey’s visions? Now what makes this shot even more interesting is that right after we see Luke’s possible Jedi temple burning down, we see Captain Phasma coming out of this fire. Could Kylo have already turned and the First Order helped burn down Luke’s temple and kill all the Jedi in training? Then the trailer ends with Luke delivering the chilling line, “I only know one truth, it’s time for the Jedi…to end.”

One thing this trailer definitely did well is giving nothing away. This trailer was able to make “The Last Jedi” my most anticipated film for the rest of the year without me knowing barely anything about the plot, and that’s great.

There’s so much to talk about with this trailer that we’ll get into on this weekend’s podcast, but I want to know what you guys thought? Did you like it? Did you hate it? Let us know in the comments below.


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