Animated ‘Spider-Man’ Film has a new voice in Shameik Moore

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THR  just revealed that Shameik Moore will be voicing Miles Morales in the animated Spider-Man film that will be releasing in 2018.


Shameik blew up in one of my favorite films of 2015 Dope and can be currently seen in Netflix’s The Get Down. He’s a great talent and I’m positive he’ll add a lot of character and emotion to Miles Morales.

It was also revealed that Moore will be joined by Liev Schreiber who will be voicing the villain of the piece. Who that villain will be is currently being kept under wraps but personally, I believe he will be Kraven. Why do I think that? Becuase when I hear Liev’s voice I see Kraven.

All these castings are great talented additions to the animated feature. I am curious to see if Miles’ best friend from the comics Ganke is added to the film. I sorta doubt he will because I don’t care what Marvel, Sony, or Jon Watts says Ned Leeds is Ganke in all but name in Spider-Man Homecoming.


I mean come on…

This film still has me on the fence but with the talent added I’ll loosen my grip on the chain slightly.

The untitled animated Spider-Man will hit theaters December 21st, 2018.

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