Josh Brolin to Play Cable in ‘Deadpool’ Sequel


Well, this is quite a surprise.

After months of speculation and numerous rumors, THR is reporting that Josh Brolin has nabbed the role of Cable in the highly anticipated “Deadpool” sequel. Rumors about the characters casting have been circling since the release of the first film, which featured a post-credits scene with Deadpool himself stating Cable would appear in the sequel. Since then, many different actors have been rumored for the role including Michael Shannon, Russel Crowe, David Harbour, Kyle Chandler, Brad Pitt and even Pierce Brosnan.

Now, Josh Brolin has a second comic book character under his belt – he plays Thanos in the MCU – and has apparently signed a four picture deal with Fox. Brolin will also be – I think – the first actor to play two comic book characters in two different cinematic universes at the same time.

No release date or production start date has been announced yet for the “Deadpool” sequel, but it’s already cast it’s three main leads and has a director, so filming should start fairly soon, probably around late fall. David Leitch – the director – also has another film hitting theaters in July, “Atomic Blonde”, so a late fall production start date would be reasonable.

The “Deadpool” sequel is currently without a release date but is expected to release in 2018 or 2019.

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