’13 Reasons Why’ Season One Review


“13 Reasons Why” is the newest Netflix show and it has broadened the genre of Netflix original works to teen dramas. No, this show isn’t another teenage drama and it proves that these shows can be amazing if treated with proper care and given the necessary development.

The plot of the show revolves around Hannah, a teenage girl who committed suicide. Two weeks after her death, a classmate of hers, Clay Jensen, receives a box of tapes addressed to the 13 people she finds accountable for her suicide. If he listens to all the tapes then he would find out who all have made the list with him and why everyone was held accountable by Hannah, including him.

The show is directed by Tom McCarthy (Spotlight) and starring Katherine Langford who is amazing here as Hannah. Her story is told through a series of flashbacks and jumping back to the present. The contrast between the 2 times is very visible through the differences in the characters personalities. Clay (Dylan Minnette), who had a massive crush on Hannah was fantastic. His relationship with Hannah in the past and his treatment of the people that were on these tapes were an essential part of the show. Other standouts of the show include Brandon Flynn as Justin, Alisha Boe as Jessica and Miles Heizer as Alex. They were all relative newcomers yet fantastic in their respective roles.

This is a must-see series for anyone who’s been through high school, depression, or just wants to watch a really good show. However, unlike most of Netflix’s hits, this can’t be binge-watched in one sitting; it will leave the viewer emotionally drained. This show doesn’t shy away from showing the bullying, peer pressure and assaults that are a huge part of the world today. All the stereotypes in high school have been made into three-dimensional characters that have their own problems and most of them have some form of regret for their actions. “13 Reasons Why” easily succeeds in bringing across it’s message to viewers of how they’ll never know truly what has happened in a person’s life and I highly recommend checking it out.


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