First Teaser For ‘Preacher’ Season Two Released

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The highly acclaimed dark comedy comic book TV show, “Preacher”, is returning for a second season. You can check out the first teaser for the second season here:

For me, season one of “Preacher” was a mixed bad. I LOVED the pilot, and the episodes after that continued to drop in quality, and became very boring. This all lead up to an awful season finale. But ever since the season finale I’ve been incredibly excited for what’s to come. Season one seemed to be more of a prequel to the comics, as the season finale ended where the comic books start, so that really excited me for what’s to come.

The teaser itself is pretty incredibe. There a lot of exhilarating shots of cool explosions and action. It’s only thirty seconds, so it doesn’t reveal a lot, but what it does reveal gets me excited. I think “Preacher” has a lot of potential, so I’m interested to see where ┬áSeth Rogen and Evan Goldberg go with the rest of the series. It’s sure to be an insane ride.

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