‘True Detective’ Season Three Might Happen After All

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It’s been three years since “True Detective” first aired in 2014 to much acclaim. It seemed as though the eerie anthology series would be HBOs new “Game of Thrones” until the show fell flat in 2015 when season two premiered with poor critical and audience reception. Though the ratings never dropped, season three has been in television limbo ever since the end of season two. According to EW though, the creator of the show, Nic Pizzolatto, might have an ace up his sleeve.

EW states that Pizzolatto has written at least two episodes for a potential third season of “True Detective.” That’s not all though, Pizzolatto is bringing the Calvary this time with Emmy winning writer and producer David Milch. Milch will join Pizzolatto in reviving the series.

No word yet on if they’ve found a showrunner or if Pizzolatto or Milch will showrun. No word on a cast yet either, though Matthew McConaughey and Michelle Monaghan have both expressed interest in returning to the series. Also, HBO has yet to greenlight a third season, though they’d be stupid not to.

If this actually does happen though, I would bet on the season one cast returning. That’s the way to get people interested in this show again, and that’s why everyone was so interested in it in first place was because of the cast… Let’s just hope this happens and isn’t terrible.

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