Matt Reeves in talks to direct The Batman

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On January 31 Warner Brothers shot the bat-signal up into the sky. They waited desperately on the rooftop calling Christopher Nolan back to back every two hours. On February 11th, seconds away from dialing Schumacher,  someone answered the call-Maybe.

According to Variety, Matt Reeves has been selected as the successor to the DCEU’s solo Batman film taking the reins from Ben Affleck. Though nothing has been officially confirmed the outlet reports that Reeves has agreed to do the project but hasn’t signed the necessary papers just yet.

Reeves will move into pre-production of The Batman after finishing up Post on War of the Planet of the Apes(Holy shit that’s a long title) which opens this July.

If this all pans out I’m super excited about this choice. I’m happy Warner is looking outside of the box and picked a director who hasn’t helmed a Superhero film but still understands the necessities that goes into a production of this size.

Reeves is a director I’ve admired for a long time directing one of my favorite films in Cloverfield and doing a fantastic job adapting  Let the right one in into Let Me In.  He’s also done a phenomenal job giving the Planet of the Apes franchise a proper modern reemergence. My hope is that he will bring a more emotional touch to The Batman that we haven’t seen on screen before. I really want to get into the head of this incarnation of Batman. What makes him tick? What made him break?   Even with Superman(assuming this takes place after Justice League) being back could he break again? I think Reeves could explore that territory after seeing his work with Ceaser in apes.

Also the scope and aesthetic he could bring to  Gotham City or wherever this film plans to take place would be grand.

Overall I’m happy to hear that The Batman might be back on track. I’ve been disappointed with the DCEU so far but I want this thing to work. I’ve always had a dream of a great Marvel Movie universe and a great DC universe movie standing side by side delivering us great comic book movies. Still waiting on the latter to deliver.

So what do you guys think of The Batman’s new director?  Please let us know in the comment sections below.

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