Who Should Direct ‘The Batman’?

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Yeah, it’s time to panic. Ben Affleck is officially OUT of the directors chair for “The Batman”. He will only star and produce the project. There’s been many rumors circling as to who will step up to the challenge of directing this huge film. Gavin O’Conner, Matt Reeves, Denis Villeneuve, and a few other names have been thrown around as people WB are eyeing. But we have no idea what’s true and what’s false so why not dream? Here is my list of the top five directors I would like to see direct “The Batman”.

5. Chad Stahelski and David Leitch

Chad Stahelski and David Leitch directed “John Wick”, which is one of my favorite action films ever. They know how to direct good action, they just need better writers to go along with their great direction. I guarantee if Stahelski and Leitch had a great script to work with, they could direct a BADASS Batman film. Though this is highly unlikely to happen, since Leitch is focusing on “Deadpool 2” and Stahelski on the “John Wick” franchise.

4. Danny Boyle

Danny Boyle is one of my favorite directors of all time. His credits include films like “Slumdog Millionare”, “Steve Jobs”, and “28 Days Later”. With how he does the third act of “28 Days Later”, we know he can do close-quartered, and intense action very well, which are quintessential things to a Batman film. I think seeing his take on Batman would be interesting and unique. Though this is most likely not going to happen because I think Danny Boyle is one of those directors who likes to stay away from blockbuster action films.

3. Zack Snyder

Okay, okay, hear me out. I’m one of the few who really like “Batman v Superman” and think that Zack Snyder is a great director. Most of everyone agrees that Batman was the best part of “Batman v Superman”, and that’s because Zack Snyder understands the character. He’s really the most sensible director on this list. He’s already directed a film with Batman in it, he’s already in with Warner Bros., he’s worked with Affleck, it makes sense. Zack Snyder knows how to direct Batman and I think he could make a great Batman film, and the possibilities are high that he could end up in the directors chair.

2. Denis Villeneuve

Director of acclaimed films like “Prisoners”, “Sicario”, and the Best Picture nominated “Arrival”, Villeneuve has worked with Warner Bros. many time before. He’s excellent at directing dark crime thrillers like “Prisoners”. If Villeneuve could bring back Aaron Guzikowski, his old writer from “Prisoners”, and direct a Batman film like he did “Prisoners”, we could have one of the best comic book films ever on our hands. Villeneuve is already on the rumored shortlist of directors WB has in mind, and is my favorite of the list. He could definitely bring something new to the comic book genre with his unique directing style. Villeneuve is planning on continuing the “Blade Runner” franchises after the next installment, “Blade Runner: 2049”, and he’s going to be working on his “Dune” remake which is a dream project of his. The chances are fairly slim, but I’m trying to be optimistic.

1. David Fincher

David Fincher is an obvious choice. He’s like Villeneuve but better. He’s made masterful films like “Fight Club”, “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”, “The Social Network”, “Seven”, and “Gone Girl”. Fincher has something Villeneuve doesn’t, and that’s him already being friends with Affleck. Affleck is writing and producing his upcoming film, “Strangers”, and Affleck already starred in his most recent film “Gone Girl”. Fincher has the best track record out of all the directors on this list and could possibly make an even better film than Affleck could have made. Is this likely to happen? No. Do I want it to happen? Hell yes. Warner Bros. would have to give Fincher full creative control for him to even think about doing it and I doubt that’s something WB is willing to do. But a man can dream right?
Hopefully we’ll find out who will be filling Affleck’s shoes as director of “The Batman” within the next few weeks. Until then, who are your top picks for the director of “The Batman”? Let us know in the comments below!

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One thought on “Who Should Direct ‘The Batman’?

  1. Solid choices. It would be cool to see M. Night Shyamalan’s take, minus the twists. He showed promise with Unbreakable in this realm. I also agree that they should give Snyder a shot. I loved Man of Steel, and want to see more of he Gotham he hinted at in B v. S.


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