‘La La Land’ is a Dazzling Trip Back to Classic Cinema (REVIEW)

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Damien Chazelle’s newest film, “La La Land” has been receiving many awards, it’s now nominated for seven Golden Globes. It will most likely be one of the big Oscar contenders next month. But with all of this awards hype, and critical praise, is it as good as everyone says?
Of course it is, “La La Land” went beyond my expectations. It’s a mesmerizing and dazzling cinematic experience that revisits classic cinema in a way that is…just perfect.

Damien Chazelle is an absolute powerhouse. The atmosphere he uses makes it feel so much like classic cinema, while still reminding you it is set in modern day. Damien’s use of colors in this film is so vibrant and fits so well with the tone of the film. He directs the musical numbers perfectly. I would love to see him return to do another musical like this. He understands how to make a musical better than possibly anyone in the industry right now.
Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are both fantastic. They have amazing chemistry. Emma Stone should definitely win Lead Actress (assuming The Academy nominates her). Gosling will definitely get the Golden Globe, but I think Casey Affleck deserves the Oscar more.
The cinematography is excellent. Best cinematography of the year. The way Linus Sandgren moves the camera in the musical numbers is exceptional. And there are so many alluring shots.
“La La Land” has such an exquisite screenplay. The writing in this film is just unbelievable. The journeys that the characters take is just fascinating and so well written. I related to these characters so much, and I truly cared for them, and that’s what a film is supposed to make is you feel for it’s characters.
“La La Land” is a film though, that if it isn’t your kind of film, it’s just not for you. If you’re not big on older, classic films, and musicals you won’t enjoy it. People who enjoy musicals and classic cinema will appreciate “La La Land” much more than those who don’t. But this film wasn’t made to appeal to those people who don’t enjoy musicals, of course.
The musical and dance numbers are excellently choreographed and sung. The editing is like something you don’t see much in modern cinema. It’s edited like a film from the 40’s and it is absolutely superlative. The art direction and production design are also magnificent.

“La La Land” is as described, “a musical masterpiece.” It is by far my favorite film of 2016, and one of the best films of the decade. “La La Land” is pure cinema at its finest.

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