Best of 2016-Best Posters

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Continuing our countdown of the best of the best from 2016, today we at Cinema Skwad sorted through a few of posters that were released during 2016. We picked out some of out our favorites that really stuck out with us throughout the year.

Take a look at them below.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

I’m a guy that likes my Man of Steel with a little less brooding but this poster really does highlight the battle ready version Superman in good light. I love how the symbol floats over him along with the release date. Henry Cavill’s Superman is staring you down B-Man, what ya got? -Darren Leslie Jr. 

Alien Covenant

The poster designers behind the first poster for 2017’s “Alien Covenant” know what the audience wants and expects from this type of movie, which this simple and beautiful teaser poster chapters.-Miller Farrow

Simple, Horrifying, and well done. Put on your Jordan’s and run folks.  Xenos back.-Darren Leslie Jr.


Logan Movie Poster

This poster implies Logan is trying to be more than a superhero movie. Succeed or not any movie that tries to transcend its own genre is admirable.

A great poster that has a lot to say about Hugh Jackman’s last outing. -Darren Leslie Jr.

Star Trek Beyond 

The “Star Trek: Beyond” poster sticks out to me because of the tribute it pays to the original “Star Trek” film. It also pops with its vibrant colors, catching your eyes.-Dylan Boyd


This poster of the underrated “Christine” is inventive but represents the movie so well. “Christine” is led by an Oscar worthy performance by Rebecca Hall, who plays real-life former reporter, Christine Chubbuck, and this poster hauntingly captures Chubbuck’s per dedication to becoming an icon in the world of Television news reporters.-Miller Farrow

Live By Night

Love how lively this poster is for Ben Affleck’s latest.  The yellow font is great and the tag fits nicely hinting at this character’s transformation.-Darren Leslie Jr.  


A wonderfully creepy poster with a magnificent green hue. I love how Morgan’s face is obscured by shadows and how she’s referred to as it. You automatically get that is something more going on in this poster.-Darren Leslie Jr. 

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


The “Hope” poster for “Rogue One” sticks out because of its simplicity, but it also tells you what you need to know.-Dylan Boyd

Suicide Squad

I really do love the spray paint skulls that were seen throughout the marketing of Suicide Sqaud. It was a genius move. You get from the poster that these are a bunch of colorful maniacs with a death sentence on their heads….well skulls.-Darren Leslie Jr.

Star Trek Beyond 

I love how wonderfully vibrant this poster is. The enterprise is easily recognizable with the bold “beyond” trailing behind it.-Darren Leslie Jr.

So those were some of our favorite posters from 2016. You got any standouts? Let us know in the comments sections below.

Darren Leslie Jr– @DarrenLeslieJr

Dylan Boyd@OG_MDB

Miller Farrow@MillerFarrow


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