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Trailers. Those two to three-minute appetizers we love getting a few months out before,  the main course. Trailers have become something of an art in themselves with some actually being better than the actual product. We love trailers.

So with this year rolling to a close we at Cinema Skwad would like to point out our favorite two-minute pieces of art.  The ones that tantalized us and sent us running to a theater with glowing anticipation.

These are our writer’s picks for the best of the best.


Unanimously most of our favorite trailers of the year. It’s a short look into what will possibly the most unique superhero film of 2016. It teases an older and broken Logan going on an adventure with Professor Xavier, all played to the tune of Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt.”  All that combined makes for a masterpiece of a trailer.

Suicide Squad

From its announcement, I had zero interest in a Suicide Squad movie, mostly because I couldn’t see Warner Bros possibly doing it right.  I didn’t want to see a superhero movie starring villain characters.  All that changed with the first trailer.  I was immediately interested in this film.  The music, the visuals, the humor; it all pulled me in and crafted what appeared was going to be a very enjoyable and fun film.  Unfortunately, my original feelings proved correct and the actual film couldn’t live up to the brilliance of the trailers-Wil Avitt


Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m a huge Christopher Nolan fan. Since Interstellar, I’ve been dying to see his next project. When Dunkirk was announced, I went crazy because it was something new, and fresh that Nolan had never tackled before. I thought the first trailer was good, but disappointing at the same time because it wasn’t really anything, just a few random shots, and some ticking. The second trailer though, blew me away. It doesn’t give away much, but what it does give away is absolutely fantastic. Hans Zimmer’s score, the cinematography, the set and costume design…everything about this trailer is wonderful-Dylan Boyd


I’ve been looking forward to this movie for a while, and the trailer just solidified my excitement even further. The Rock and Zac Efron look to have great chemistry, and the tone looks perfect. This movie could’ve easily been horrible if they didn’t make it self-aware, so I’m glad they did. Some people have complained about how the awful the fire looks, but that just adds to charm for me. Baywatch’s Memorial Day weekend release couldn’t be better, and I’ll be counting the down the months till then.-Miller Farrow

La La Land

This trailer is like a mini movie itself and acts as our first introduction to “City of Stars.” The trailer hints at a melancholy tale about the quest for success, with a silver hopeful lining that had me dying to see it on the silver screen.This is a magnificent taste to the wonderful film that I couldn’t stop watching up until the release.-Darren Leslie Jr.

The Last of Us Part II 

“The Last of Us Part II” is my second favorite trailer of the year. When I woke up to the new trailer of a second “Last of Us” game I wanted to cry, then when I realized there was an actual trailer I think I did cry. The trailer gives away absolutely nothing but leaves you with so many questions. The trailer boasts beautiful graphics and amazing vocals from Ashley Johnson. It’s a simple but yet such an effective trailer-Dylan Boyd

Justice League 

While not technically a trailer, the sizzle reel released at Comic-Con for “Justice League” is fantastic. After the lukewarm reception of Batman v Superman, the footage out together as a sort of proto-trailer served to make the audience believers in the DCEU again. Our first real looks at Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg definitely did not disappoint.-Wil Avitt

La La Land 

La La Land is not only my favorite movie of 2016, but it’s also one of my favorite movies of all time. These trailers sell the movie perfectly and work perfectly in conjunction with each other. The first trailer is more focusing on Ryan Gosling, with his rendition of “City of Stars” playing, and his name coming up first. The second teaser trailer does the same for Emma Stone, except with her rendition of “Audition” These teaser trailers evokes a variety of emotions and perfectly captures the movie. One of the themes of La La Land was how much we, as humans, can benefit from our different type of relationships with each other, which even these teasers capture beautifully.-Miller Farrow

Beauty and Beast

My favorite trailer of the year has to be “Beauty and the Beast”. While many have complained about some aspects of it, there is a nostalgia in the first official trailer, with the opening music being the same as the opening music of the original film. Emma is absolutely radiating in some of the shots of the trailer, and you can tell that actors like Ewan Mcgregor (as Lumiere) and Sir Ian McKellan (as Cogsworth) are having the time of their life voicing these characters. Dan Stevens voice on the Beast is reminiscent of Robbie Benson, with a low growl deep in it without the roar behind it (though we didn’t get any opportunities to hear his voice with the roar). It is a feast for the eyes, and leaves you breathless, hardly able to wait for March-Tisha Mae Eaton

Luke Cage

I LOVE THIS TRAILER.  Netflix has a knack for cutting together fantastic trailers for their Marvel series and this is no exception. This trailer is a wonderful showcase of the talent, action, and story for the latest Defender series.  While a little let down with the series itself I do however constantly return to this wonder energetic trailer.  -Darren Leslie Jr.

So that was our picks for the best trailers of the year. What were some of your favorites? Please sound off in the comments below.

Darren Leslie Jr– @DarrenLeslieJr

Wil Avitt@wilavitt

Dylan Boyd@OG_MDB

Miller Farrow@MillerFarrow

Tisha Mae Eaton@harleymaej

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