A Message to The UN: Wonder Woman is a Symbol of Equality, Not a Sexual Image

DC Comics

This article is a message to the members of the UN, feminists, and anyone who petitioned for Wonder Woman to be removed as an honorary UN Ambassador.

Around two months ago, Wonder Woman was appointed as an honorary UN Ambassador of empowerment of women and girls. This quietly sparked anger in some UN members, and feminists. A petition was then made to get Wonder Woman removed from the UN, that got over 40,000 signatures. The petition’s author wrote, “It is alarming that the United Nations would consider using a character with an overtly sexualised image at a time when the headline news in United States and the world is the objectification of women and girls.” Thus, Wonder Woman’s UN Ambassadorship came to an end yesterday.

Let me begin by saying, I have always been for Wonder Woman being an honorary UN Ambassador. But I wouldn’t care if she wasn’t. I wouldn’t petition for her to be one, or be removed. It’s indifferent to me. What I hate is the reason why she was removed.

Wonder Woman is NOT just her body. And feminists who said she shouldn’t be apart of the UN because of her body are exactly the problem. They say she’s only her “large breasts” and “impossible figure”, and by saying that they’re hypocrites. They’re judging her by her body, but say to not judge everyone else by their body.

And by saying Wonder Woman cannot be a UN Ambassador because of her large breasts and tight clothing you’re also saying any woman who has large breasts and wears tight clothing cannot be a UN Ambassador. By attempting to push your own “equality” agenda you managed to contradict yourselves and put down many other women in the process by basically telling them they can’t be a UN Ambassador if they’re anything like Wonder Woman.

And you “feminists” who petitioned for this missed the entire point this campaign for Wonder Woman as a UN Ambassador tried to make. The entire point of Wonder Woman is that anyone can be her. Because Wonder Woman isn’t just her superpowers, and she isn’t just her appearance. At her core she’s a woman that stands for truth, justice, and equality. That can be any woman, and that was the point of the campaign. But you “feminists” missed that because you were too focused on how big her boobs are.

I’m calling for Wonder Woman to be renamed a UN Ambassador. Because she is not just her body. She is not just her appearance. She is a role model for so many women and girls, and she is the most iconic female character ever created. Not because of what she looks like, but because of what she stands for.

I stand for truth. I stand for justice. I stand for equality. I stand with Wonder Woman.

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