Malcolm in the Middle Brings Disfunction to Christmas

Christmas, Santa's Watch List

Today, I’m taking a look at the show’s two Christmas show, ‘Christmas’ and ‘Hal’s Christmas.’

Both Christmas specials revolve around Hal and Lois, but the more Lois centric episode, ‘Christmas’ is clearly the better episode. ‘Hal’s Christmas’ is enjoyable but just doesn’t come together as well.

‘Christmas’ has two storylines going on. Lois taking Christmas away from Reese, Dewey, and Malcolm. Then there’s Francis visiting his grandma. The two storylines work so well in conjunction with each other. We see Lois slowly turning into her mother by keeping presents away from her children, which turned Lois’ mother into the horrible woman she’s become. There’s a lot of clever jokes about that subject too. Nothing is too on the nose.

Like I said, ‘Hal’s Christmas’ is weaker. The Wilkerson family is broke after Lois and this other women go crazy and destroy each other’s cars, with their own cars. Then the plot shifts to Hal in trying to give his family a great Christmas with no money. What proceeds makes more sense for Hal to do, but this episode, cause of the beginning, feels like it should be more Lois’. Also Piama expected his family’s house to be “Satan’s Trachcan,” as Francis described it. Maybe he just meant during Christmas. While the plot could be stronger, the talented cast and signature humor and tone still works.

Overall, ‘Christmas’ is the much better episode, but they’re still enjoyable episodes to watch that I’d recommend checking out this holiday season.

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