The ‘Full House’ Christmas Specials – Santa’s (Watch) List #8

Christmas, Santa's Watch List

With ‘Fuller House’ season 2 hitting Netflix tomorrow, let’s take a look at the Christmas specials of the original series.

‘Full House’ contaminated TV sets for 8 years. I’m kidding, because while ‘Full House’ isn’t a well made show, it’s my biggest TV guilty pleasure, as I’ve seen every episode of the 9 season run. Over those 9 seasons, Full House had three Christmas specials, which, intentionally or not, kind of give a little Christmas-related arc to Jesse. Him showing off his Christmas spirit in ‘Our Very First Christmas Show.’ Even more in ‘A Very Tanner Christmas.’ Then him losing it and gaining it back in ‘Arrest Ye Merry Gentleman.’

Either ‘Our Very First Christmas Show’ or ‘A Very Tanner Christmas’ is the best. ‘Arrest Ye Merry Gentleman’ mostly feels forced.┬áMr. Dreghorn’s story seems to be there just for the episode to have some sentimental scenes, because it’s Christmas.

‘Our Very First Christmas Show’ does a typical thing a lot of Christmas movies/TV shows where there’s an old character that’s actually Santa Clause. For some reason, that older guy acts kind of acts like a dick to the Tanners the entire time. Even though there isn’t any reason for him to. Of course, the episode makes the whole dilemma revolve around the Tanners and their kids getting their toys. Weird that no one in that airport was traveling with children. Also, how Stephenie is acting is kind of weird. She knows all about Santa but isn’t aware that he can find her anywhere.

‘A Very Tanner Christmas,’ similar to ‘Our Very First Christmas Show, with Becky and Jesse’s first kiss’ actually progresses the storylines on the actual show, with Steve going to Jr. college instead of Daytona Beach University. DJ gets mad, because she doesn’t get her way. Then she ends up thinking how great of an opportunity this is for Steve, but then he decides to go to community college, so she gets her way anyway. The homeless shelter scene, with Stephanie, Jesse, Michelle, and Danny was also smart. They made it a small part of the episode, which pretty much stopped didn’t it from becoming too much like ‘Arrest Ye Merry Gentleman.

Overall, Full House is not a well made show. There’s a manipulative formula to it, but I really enjoy it on a subjective level. Plus, these are Christmas episodes, which make them better.

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