First Impressions: ‘Dead Rising 4’ – Santa’s Wa- Play List #7

Christmas, Santa's Watch List

‘Dead Rising 4’ is a Christmas game after all.

I was anticipating ‘Dead Rising 4’ as just another enjoyable entry in the series. ‘Dead Rising’ (2006) could be enjoyable and had a refreshing sense of humor , but the was plagued with a horrible save feature. To save the game, you had to go to different bathrooms located throughout the mall. If you forget to go to one of the bathrooms or die on your way there, all of your saved data is gone. ‘Dead Rising’ doesn’t really believe in checkpoints.

Thankfully, ‘Dead Rising 2’ and ‘Dead Rising 3’ were improvements on ‘Dead Rising.’ ‘Dead Rising 4’ mainly continues that, with one minor exception. Why isn’t there no co-op for the campaign. That worked so well in the last two games. If they didn’t want to put a second character in there to be with Frank, they should’ve just had two Franks running around. Besides that, the controls can be a little all over the place, but that’s more of a problem in multiplayer. The whole game seems way too dark at certain areas.

Regardless, ‘Dead Rising 4’ is another fun entry in the series, that keeps what fans love about the series, while not feeling repetitive.


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