Celebrating Christmas with This Is Us – Santa’s Watch List #6

Christmas, Santa's Watch List

One of the best new shows of the fall gets its first Christmas special.

This Is Us is transcending its own genre by mixing up how the family drama can be done, with the show’s non-linear structure. Some argued that the twist in the pilot, that the show is actually about one family, was cheap. The twist, however, just proves how creative shows can be in delivering their stories.

One of the strongest aspects of This is Us is how the show takes time to develop different plot lines and characters that in turn feel really natural. Not having Dr. Nathan Katowsky’s die was smart. That would’ve felt like too much, since they also had the situation with Toby. Katowsky’s death would’ve felt too feel too shoehorned in and there just to get an emotional response out of the audience. The show doesn’t need to get the audience to cry every episode. Jimmi Simpson does a great job as Andy, but the character and plot line feels forced and just there to get an emotional response out of the audience.

Usually, ‘This is Us’ balances the past the present really well, but there didn’t feel like there was enough of the past. The problem with that is the past is what wraps the whole episode together. The ending itself does do a nice job of that though. I don’t think Toby is going to die, but that would be refreshing from a story standpoint.

“Last Christmas” could’ve been tighter in places, but the episode is still enjoyable and delivers a lot of the great aspects that you’d expect from the show.

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