‘Jingle All the Way’ – Santa’s (Watch) List #5

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A terrible piece of corporate garbage.

Jingle All the Way has Arnold Schwarzenegger playing the every man, which you don’t have a whole lot of. You actually feel bad for him for having to deal with his insane family. Phil Hartman  (Ted Maltin) is trying to put the movies on Rita Wilson, who plays Schwarzenegger’s wife, Liz Langston. Then there’s Jake Lloyd before his career got ruined by Star Wars. He acts like a complete brat here. I understand that he’s mad at his father, but it’s still hard to watch since his father is clearly trying.

‘Jingle All the Way’ had moments of darker comedy that could’ve worked, but the attempt doesn’t work as well as the filmmakers think it does. Eventually the movie just turns in a receptive amount of attempts of Arnold trying to get the Turbo Man Doll for his whiney son. Then there’s Sinbad, who’s not being funny.

‘Jingle All the Way’ falls under the trashy type of Christmas movies. Even with bad Christmas movies, there can be enjoyment in them, but that isn’t the case here.



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