‘Krampus’ – Santa’s (Watch) List #4

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‘Krampus’ hit theaters one year ago today.

If you’re unaware, Krampus is based on a Austro-Bavarian Alpine folklore, which revolves around a demon, who comes during the Christmas season to punish naught children. Basically, he’s the humanoid version of Cole.

‘Krampus’ comes from director, writer Michael Dougherty, who already made a Halloween classic with ‘Trick ‘r Treat,’ so it makes sense for him to move onto Christmas. Dougherty is also a frequently collaborator with Bryan Singer, as they worked together on ‘X-Men 2’, ‘Superman Returns’, and ‘X-Men: Apocalypse.’

Overall, Krampus is a solid film. The story could’ve been more, but what there is good. The beginning, taking place during Black Friday, perfectly sets the mood for the movie. There’s a lot of creatively put into the creatures, and Dougherty directs the hell out of the movie. His directing gives the movie a similar feeling to a bad cult film (a good thing), but the movie’s still good. The atmosphere is really strong too in making.

The movie was made into a house at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights. I only went to the Orlando one, which was fun and pretty to walk through. The house was just underwhelming though. Krampus is barely in the house. There’s not even an actor playing him. The house also needed more actors playing the family.

Krampus is a fun movie filled with iconic imagery and immersive atmosphere. If you’ve haven’t seen it and are looking for something different this holiday season, check Krampus out.



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