Carol – Santa’s (Watch) List #2

Christmas, Santa's Watch List

Taking a look back at what should’ve been, but unfortunately wasn’t, one of the nominees for Best Picture of 2016.

‘Carol’ is a beautifully directed film from Todd Haynes. Edward Lachman’s cinematography actually makes you feel cold, further engrossing you into the film. The score, by Carter Burwell, fills its listeners with many different emotions, just like the film itself. All these elements complement one another beautifully and are only elevated by Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett’s performances.

Blanchett and Mara are both magnetic here, as is there chemistry. Right from their first meeting, till the last time they’re shown together, their chemistry is so involving. Even though Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara should’ve both been in the leading actress category, as they’re co-leads here, at they were both at least still nominated. To nominate one without the other would’ve been a real dispersive.

The cold and immersive atmosphere, as well as the time period in which the movie’s set, makes this a great watch for the holidays. Not only are you getting a Christmas movie, but you’re also just getting a great movie in general. This not being nominated for Best Picture, as well as Haynes for Best Director, was a real shame. Fortunately, the film still received many nominations. All of which were more than deserving of the Little Gold Men.

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