In Defense of April Nardini (Gilmore Girls)


The much hated character is one of the many familiar faces returning for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

April Nardini (Vanessa Marano) was introduced in season 6 of ‘Gilmore Girls,’ as Luke’s 12 year old daughter he didn’t even know about. This added to the parallels between him and Lorelai. They both were married for short period of times and had kids they didn’t plan on.

To this day, fans hate April and groaned when she was announced to appear in the Gilmore Girls revival. Hatred of April stems from mostly one thing: she “broke up” Luke and Lorelai.

My problem with April isn’t that she broke up Luke and Lorelai, which she didn’t, but April is just a plot device to start ¬†April leads to Luke and Lorelai’s 2nd break up, but that’s just because of the people around her. What Luke was going through was understandable, but Lorelai finding out 2 months after he did was still on him. The real reason, however, was Anna, April’s mother, being a complete bitch and not letting April be around Lorelai.¬†Luke and Lorelai were going to break up a 2nd time anyway. April was just a solution to how to do that. We also don’t know how the Palladinos would’ve continued the story, if they hadn’t left due to contract disputes, at the end of season 6.

April couldn’t have helped any of that. She just wanted to get to know her dad. Even though Luke didn’t handle the situation as well as he should’ve, he’s forever better for that relationship.


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