Is Fox’s ‘X-Men’ Universe in Trouble?

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With Hugh Jackman’s final run as Wolverine upon us, “Deadpool 2” struggling, and the founder of it all, Bryan Singer, moving on to other projects, what is Fox going to do with their “X-Men” universe?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox is in full panic mode and is ready to reboot, or “reconfigure”. Simon Kinberg is working on a script for a movie that will “reconfigure” the franchise. Not like an entirely new cast, but more like “First Class” style. A soft reconfigurment or reboot, if you will. Though it is possible it could be a new cast, Fox still wants Fassbender, McAvoy and others to return.

The studio is also already planning “Deadpool 3”. They are apparently working on the story already. It apparently features the X-Force.

“Gambit” is on hold for now. Fox is still looking for a new director since Doug Liman left to direct “Justice League Dark”.

As for Bryan Singer, he’s out. This was suspected after it was announced he would be directing “Bohemian Rhapsody” over the weekend. Don’t act surprised though, we all saw this coming. The guy can’t make “X-Men” movies his entire life. If I had to guess he’ll probably be a “silent guardian” of the franchise though. Like Nolan with the DCEU, but there for most movies and not just two. But hopefully he’ll be a better guardian than Nolan.

Anyways, my advice to Fox is…just reboot. Do some kind of time travel thing-I don’t care. But it’s time for a reboot. The continuity is already so messed up that there’s no fixing it anymore. Use Cable to do some kind of time travel thing and reboot the whole universe. We’ll have a new Wolverine, new story, new X-Men, same Deadpool and it’ll all be okay. Just don’t bring back Brett Ratner, okay? Don’t let him screw it all up again, Fox!

Oh yeah, and remember that “New Mutants” movie that’s being directed by the guy who directed “The Fault in Our Stars”? Yeah, it still exists. Apparently Fox wants cameras rolling by the summer, we’ll see how that turns out.

So is Fox’s “X-Men” universe in trouble? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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