“It Follows” and “The Witch” (31 Nightmares 28)

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Two more recent horror films that a lot hail as horror masterpieces, while others see them as overhyped disappointments.

“It Follows” was released in March 2015. From constantly hearing about how terriyfying  this movie was, I had high expectations. A good amount of the movie exceeded those expectations. There weren’t any cheap jump scares. The people that were suppose to be scary just actually were by just being presented as such. The film was also clever with how it subtly poked fun at the horror genre by all this starting after Jay Height (Maika Monroe) loses her virginity. Unfortunately, after the beach scene, the movie went off the rails. There were some dumb moments before, but the movie, at that point, felt like it had become a CGI goof fest. The CG wasn’t convincing and just took away a lot of the scariness. There were other dumb non CG moments that felt like they  were from a much different movie. Thankfully, the ending got things more on track and felt more how the best of what the movie had to offer.

“The Witch” was released in February 2016. I also had high expectations for this but left really disappointed. There isn’t a ton inherently wrong with the movie. The cinematography and music sets the perfect atmosphere. There are scary moments but not a lot happens in the film  Then the movie’s over. I’m all for movies leaving stuff up to the imagination, but I didn’t think it was conveyed very well here.

Overall, I prefer “It Follows.” There’s a lot of dumb moments, but the greatness really stands out. I respect “The Witch” for staying true to what the movie wanted to be, but it’s just not that interesting. “The Witch” is just a movie that I don’t really see what people saw in, and I’m not sure if I ever will.



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