Is Negan Just A Crazier Version of Rick Grimes? (An Analysis)

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Is Negan just a crazier, more violent version of Rick Grimes? I’ll be using evidence from the comic and the TV show to compare these two characters. Because they’re not as different as people think.

Negan isn’t the crazy psychopath that people make him out to be. People only say he is/think he is because he killed-spoiler alert-Glenn in both the comics and the TV show. He did kill him, and in a very brutal way. But Rick and The Survivors also killed many of The Saviors before The Saviors killed any of Rick’s people. Now, what do you think Rick would do if the roles were reversed? Oh wait, remember Terminus? The cannibals? Remember how they begged Rick to spare them? Guess what Rick did? He put a machete in Gareth’s brain. And instead of killing one or two of them like Negan did to Rick’s group, Rick’s group killed all of the cannibals. Both Rick and Negan are protective of their people and would kill anyone who harmed them. They won’t reason with their enemies.

What most people don’t understand about Negan is that he has a method to his madness. He’s not just an insane, generic, psycho villain. He has layers. He won’t kill women, children and wounded men. He won’t tolerate rape and will burn the face of anyone who commits such an act, or anything that goes against his philosophy. Just as Rick would kill or exile anyone who commited an act of rape or unwarranted killing, Negan would burn their face. Negan also believes the strong are meant to defend the defenseless, another thing Rick believes in. Negan and Rick both have very similar philosophies, one is just more violent than the other. And deep down even Negan feels emotion. He still mourns the loss of his wife, Lucille. And the thought of her is the only reason he keeps moving forward, according to him.

A lot of people would say, “Well, Negan forces everyone to give him fifty percent of whatever they have without giving anything in return.” And that’s not true. Negan and The Saviors were providing The Hilltop with weaponry do defend themselves from walkers, which is what they desperately needed.

The big difference between Rick and Negan is that Negan is more violent. They both share what is basically the same philosophy. They both went off the deep end when their wives died. They’re much more similar than people think.

So is Negan really the bad guy? Or is he just as crazier, more violent version of our hero Rick Grimes? Let me know what you think in the comments below.




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