Zombieland (31 Nightmares #26)

Comedy, Horror

Still waiting on the sequel.

I remember seeing “Zombieland” opening weekend and loving the movie. To this day, I still love it. I’m not even sure how many times I’ve seen the movie. “Zombieland” is just one of those movies that is so re-watchable. The characters have a lot of personality, and the actors really fulfill their roles. No wonder the Amazon “Zombieland” series failed so hard. These specific actors, and how their characters are written, is one of the most integral parts of why this movie works so well. My favorite character is probably Columbus ( Jesse Eisenberg). If a zombie apocalypse happened, I could easily see that being me. I also love Eisenberg and Emma Stone together and hope they do another movie at some point.

There was so much clever thought and writing put into “Zombieland”, ┬átaking what other horror-comedy zombie movies did well and expanded on that, while also making the movie unique. “Zombieland” also blends the movie’s different genres together seamlessly. When the movie needs to be more of a scary horror movie, the movie does just that, but when the movie needs to be more of a comedy (which it mostly is), “Zombieland” does that just as well. The zombies look like they’re out of some really scary zombie movie, which works great, and the comedy and characters are great counters to those effects.

Bill Murray’s cameo is also just completely fantastic, especially how he starts out pretending to be a zombie and when Eisenberg shot him. That scene had me dying in the theater. I was just so surprised how far they were taking the cameo.

My only real main complaint is the whole Pacific Playland sequence. Why would Wichita and Little Rock think that’s a good idea? I guess that Witchita wanted to do something nice for her sister, but they’ve been really smart the whole movie. Columbus or Tallahassee don’t bring up how it’s a dumb idea either. Besides that, the whole sequence is fantastic, such as when Columbus kills the clown and Tallahassee looks like he’s about to die. The movie was so dramatic and easily could’ve been cheesy, but that music just works so well. ┬áproblem isn’t.

As for a “Zombieland 2,” I really hope it happens. There’s so much potential and opportunity in this idea, and seeing the cast again would be great. Whether it happens or not, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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