“The Conjuring” Cinematic Universe (31 Nightmares #25)

31 Nightmares, Horror

I really enjoyed “The Conjuring”but take James Wan away, and the movie wouldn’t be the same. The same can be said and also can’t be said about the sequel, “The Conjuring 2.”

A year after the release of “The Conjuring,” we got a spinoff, Annabelle. Little did I know, that movie, unfortunuately, kicked off a cinematic universe of “Conjuring” movies. We’re getting a spinoff of “The Nun.” I guess Warner Bros. doesn’t realize that part of the horror from Annabelle and the Nun come from how we don’t know a lot about them. The Annabelle movie turned out to be garbage, while we have to wait to see how “The Nun” turns out. In the meantime, let’s take a look at the two “Conjuring movies,” mainly the sequel.

Like I said above, I enjoyed “The Conjuring.” Looking back though, James Wan totally elevated that movie. If he wasn’t directing, the movie just could’ve turned into a paranormal activity movie set in the 70’s. The production value “The Conjuring” and the movie’s sequel are very authentic and engrossing.

“The Conjuring” also opened up a unique, anthology format for sequels, with The Warrens examining different happenings. “Conjuring 2” was originally going to focus on the “Amityville Horror” house but only does at the beginning. Then the movie moves onto the Enfield Poltergeist.

I love the scale that Wan brings to “Conjuring 2.” The movie feels so big and massive, and there are great moments of suspense. The overall story behind who’s haunting them is cool, but, unfortunately, the movie gets too bogged down by inconsistent pacing and poor structure. The Warrens are introduced to the case much later than they should be in this movie, and the length is really felt. Whereas the first movie did that really well, this one keeps feeling like it should’ve ended a while ago. That being said, “Conjuring 2” is still leagues better than Annabelle.

“Annabelle” is just completely not the movie you want to come out of “The Conjuring.” The movie isn’t scary, besides one well edited scene, and the movie’s also very forgetful. The movie also doesn’t really feel like it’s taking place in the time, as oppose to the “Conjuring” movies. Even with some horror movies I don’t like, they still stick out for their ambition and iconic imagery. ‘Annabelle” has none of that. Since it made money, we’re getting a sequel. The very talented director, David F. Sandberg, (Lights Out) is directing, so this one could actually be good.

I don’t see the need for a “Conjuring” cinematic universe at all. Since we’re getting it though, I just hope the movies are good. We don’t have any horror cinematic universes right now. Universal is trying to get one going with their classic monsters, but who knows how that’ll go. Hopefully, they’re financially and critically successful. Universal really deserves it, since they were the ones to do in the first place. Hopefully Warner Bros. can have more critical success with their “Conjuring” universe. I know “Conjuring” 1 and 2 were well received, but hopefully “The Nun,” as pointless as it is, isn’t another “Annabelle.”

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