The Cabin in the Woods (31 Nightmares #24)

31 Nightmares, Horror, Movies

Cabin in the Woods took a while to get to theaters, since filming wrapped in May 2009. The film then got delayed multiple times and went to different studios. This was all worth the wait though.

Looking at the trailer for “Cabin in the Woods” at first, and you’d think it’s garbage. Then you discover it’s one of those meta horror movies, which the movie handles really well. Some self aware movies don’t know how to be self aware and are just really forced. This movie makes fun of a lot of horror movie stereotypes, like the dumb blonde and stone.

As well as that, the film also expanded their universe and mythology with the how the facility controls the area of the Cabin, which made a hilarious death out of Chris Hemsworth’s character. So much creativity was put into this movie, with all the wonderfully unique monsters. The Merman is probably my favorite.

The film sorta loses some steam in places, but I love how Joss Whedon, writer and Drew Godda, director and writer just go for it with everything. The ending is literally the world ending. “Cabin in the Woods” is able to balance a lot of different genres so fluently and is able to be every kind of movie it wants to be.

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