“Walking Dead’s” 7th Season Marketing Revolved Around A Character Dying… (31 Nightmares #23)


Which is made even worse by it being due to a embarrassingly cheap cliffhanger.

Spoilers for the season 6 episodes, “Thank You, “East,” and “The Last on Earth” below.

Despite how overrated it can be, I like “The Walking Dead.” It isn’t always great and has gotten really bad, but I enjoy it. Season 1 is and will probably always be the best due to Frank Darabont’s, but he was fired (for no reason) and replaced by Glenn Mazarra for seasons 2-3, which really dragged out the farm and prison settings. Mazarra was then fired and replaced by Scott M. Gimple, who’s done a pretty good job so far. Season 4 felt repetitive, but he also had to work with them still being at the prison. The mid-season finale, “Too Far G0ne” was incredible and everything the season 3 finale should’ve been. The rest of season 4, season 5, and season 6 were pretty consistently good. All those seasons still had their fair share of problems, but they kept my interest.

“Walking Dead” is about to head into its 7th season. Season six ended on a laughably bad cliffhanger. They’re about to show who Negan kills, but then we get a cheap, insulting POV of shot of that person getting beaten to death, and we don’t see who it is. The cliffhanger is even worse considering that essentially did the same thing already 2 times, with Glenn and Daryl, earlier in that season. Glenn was more than enough. Cliffhangers can work, but these are examples of just playing with the audiences emotions, without having to actually kill the character(s). The writers are just having their cake and eating it too, which doesn’t work.

Now they devised pretty much their whole marketing campaign on around who’s dying. Look at the marketing. Most of it is either a menacing Negan holding Lucille or one of the characters who could die, if not both. This, and the actual episode, has really shown what kinda the Walking Dead is, and it’s not a good one. Hopefully this doesn’t continue with the show going forward.


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