“The Walking Dead” Treats the Show’s Audience like Negan Does His Victims


A 7 month cliffhanger that led up to a whole lot of nothing.

Spoilers for the Season 7 Premiere of “The Walking Dead”

We finally out who was on the other end of Negan’s back from that ridiculous cliffhanger that was the season six finale of “The Walking Dead,” Abraham… and Glenn, who’s been with the show since the very beginning.

Abraham dying was fine. I like the character and thought it was a fitting way for him to go. Negan thinking he’s taking everything away from Abraham, but Abraham didn’t really even give a shit anymore and preferred himself to die over anybody else. He died like he was, a solider.

Then they had to mess up by killing Glenn too. Not that I had a problem with Glenn dying, but his death felt very out of place. First of all the writers shot themselves in the foot multiple times between season 6 and this premiere. Glenn already had that bullshit fake out death, which was just a cheap way for the writers to get the audience into thinking Glenn was one of the characters on the show that wouldn’t be killed. This was also do to how Abraham gets killed first, so the audience thinks it’s over, but it’s not. Another problem is how Glenn’s death came about from being the result of Daryl trying to attack Negan, which felt sorta hypocritical of Negan with how he’s been acting so far.

Glenn’s fake out death, reason for his actual death, cliffhanger and dancing around the deaths for 24 minutes really took a lot away from Glenn and Abraham’s death. Abraham also just got overshadowed, because he’s not as big of a character as Glenn.

If the writers wanted to have their cake and eat it too, without being completely incompetent, it would’ve been smarter to end season 6 with Abraham dying. Then people are suspecting that’s it and surprise them with killing Glenn in the premiere, as long as they give a good reason for Glenn to die. Also, the writers should’ve also never pulled that fake out garbage, especially since we didn’t know until after a few episodes.

This episode could’ve been a harrowing emotional journey, but the good parts of the episode are ruined by the writers caring more about death than actually making a quality show. With the state the writers were in, the episode should’ve just been in chronological order. The episode still would’ve served as an overlong monologue for Negan, but presenting the events chronologically would’ve made the show come off as caring more about storytelling. “The Walking Dead” doesn’t respect their audience and is concerned with dragging them around using shock value to get them to care. A lot happened in this episode, but the episode feels empty thanks to how it was executed. First AMC was ruining up the show (possibly still are), and now the writers are messing the show up.

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