Ouija: Origin of Evil: Good Horror Movie Trapped in a Bad Horror Movie (31 Nightmares #22)

31 Nightmares

All in all leading to an okay movie.

When the trailers were playing for “Blair Witch” (2016), one of the trailers that started playing had this cool 70’s vibe going on. I was so into. Unfortunately, I soon realized the trailer for was Ouija: Origin of Evil, and my interest dropped considerably, as the movie just looked like a generic, lazy horror film geared towards the “lowest common denominator,” as Thomas Decker recently described who “A Nightmare on Elm Street.” (2010) was geared towards

I never saw the first “Ouija” (2014). I love Olivia Cooke (“Bates Motel”), but the movie just looked so terrible. My bedrock level expectations were only reaffirmed when the movie received a 3.3 average rating on Rotten Tomatoes (7%) and 38 on Metacritic. I felt bad for Olivia Cooke. She’s really talented and was, unfortunately, also in “The Quiet Ones” earlier that year. Thankfully, she’ll be in Steven Spielberg’s “Ready Player One” (2018), so she’ll be alright.

I never intended on seeing “Ouija: Origin of Evil,” but then the reviews came in that were saying it’s good! Before the reviews, I expected the movie to be 9% or lower on RT, but I was so happy, as I was enamored with the 70’s vibe from the trailer. Thankfully, “Origin of Evil” is much better than I ever would’ve expected it to be (before the reviews). even with the movie’s big problems.

I respect this movie in multiple ways. They really go for their concept and make just a crazy haunted house movie (I know the house isn’t haunted). The filmmakers cared about wanting the movie to be inventive, which really comes off in the movie. The story goes in some unexpected but welcomed ways too, which really helps the movie become it’s own.¬†There’s some actually scary and memorable imagery. Some of these scares are implanted in a way where you’d expect them to be overdone and cliche but they’re not. Unfortunately, the movie also does the exact opposite quite often.

Problems I noticed with a lot of good modern horror movies that they’re still dumb or typical moments that belong in a much worse movie. For example, a sheet being pulled off of a bed. How have we not gotten past this. Besides those really dumb movies, “Origin of Evil”contains a reveal that feels boggled down in exposition. As well as just cheap jump scares. The movie clearly doesn’t want to be like that, which makes it even weirder that is.

How the idea brought everything in the movie together was really cool, but they could’ve implemented it in a more clever way. The first act feels like it also takes a little bit to get going, but that can be forgiven.

“Ouija: Origin of Evil” has a lot of problems, but it does a good amount right, so it’s ¬†worth watching. Plus, it’s unbelievable better than you’d ever expect it to be. The movie could’ve easily been just another run of the mil generic horror movie garbage, but this movie wanted to be different.






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