How 2013’s “The Purge” Squandered its Own Concept (31 Nightmares #21)

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A trilogy that started out by squandering its own premise.

“The Purge” was released in June 2013. With films like “Man of Steel,” “The Wolverine,” and “Elysium,” that summer was filled with disappointing movies that were filled with potential. “The Purge” was one of them. The premise was really out there. Instead of the concept’s absurdity hurting the movie, that only looked to improve it.

If you’re not aware, “The Purge” is about one night a year where all crime is legal for 12 hours, so now we get to see how people act when the rules of society have broken out. Only one problem though, they set most of the movie in a house. “The Purge” is essentially just a home invasion film with just a cool back drop. It’s like how “Home Alone” is more of a home invasion movie than it is a Christmas movie, except that didn’t hurt “Home Alone.”

On top of all that, the movie just has a lot of other problems. There’s some interesting social commentary, but most of it is just boggled down by garbage. Every twist can be seen coming a mile away. Most of it is hard to take seriously, which is a problem when the movie wants the audience to take it seriously and thinks it’s so cool. The son character is annoying and literally everything falls on him. I know he’s just a kid but still. He should know how to act and not act in this situation, as he’s been properly instructed. How he acted at the ending too made me dislike him even more.

Thankfully, “The Purge” got two more sequels. Regardless of their quality, they actually made use of their premise and took the action to the streets.




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