‘Deadpool’ Sequel May Be in Trouble


According to Deadline, director Tim Miller has left the still untitled sequel to this year’s hit superhero movie “Deadpool.” Deadline is citing creative differences between Miller and star Ryan Reynolds as the reason for the split.

The “Deadpool” sequel – tentatively titled “Deadpool 2” – is set for release in 2018 and will be introducing the characters Cable and Domino into 20th Century Fox’s vast X-Men movie universe.

This news should really come as a blow to fans of the first film. While Ryan Reynolds – who remains attached to the project – made it his crusade to bring Deadpool to the screen properly after playing the character in 2009’s “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” Tim Miller was equally as instrumental in getting Fox to greenlight this version of Deadpool as was Reynolds. It was Miller who directed the CGI test footage which, after being “accidentally” leaked on the internet, really got the movie made.

The director is the backbone of any film, and replacing the director is never an easy thing to do. The director has a vision, and when you replace a director that vision needs to – in a lot of ways – remain intact with the new director. Hiring the wrong director can derail a film by spinning it off in a stylistic direction that may not sit well with fans. Look at what happened when Bryan Singer left the third X-Men film.

“Deadpool” was a surprise hit for Fox when it premiered back in February – breaking all kinds of records for both comic book movies and R-rated movies – and may have single-handedly saved the franchise from being derailed by the lackluster reception of “X-Men: Apocalypse.”

We’ve even seen films in this same franchise devolve into development hell after losing a director. “Gambit,” which was set to be released this year along with “Deadpool” and “Apocalypse,” remains in limbo and the film’s future is uncertain after losing director Rupert Wyatt.

Deadpool fans needn’t worry quite yet. The first film was such a success that Fox is almost undoubtedly going to continue moving forward with the project. It’s become much too valuable to let this snafu cause a lag in the franchise’s momentum. The real question is, will Fox hire the right person for the job? That will have to remain to be seen.

Maybe Ryan Reynolds will step into the director’s chair himself and prove to he’s the hero we all hope he really is.

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