Is Tyler Hoechlin Super Enough For The CW?

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The last time the Man of Steel took to the TV screens was on the hit TV Series “Smallville”, which last aired in 2011. The show focused on a young Clark Kent battling his way through high school as an alien from a planet far, far away. We grew up with Clark as he chased the girl of his dreams, did his chores on time, and kept the town of Smallville safe. It was a hit! I believe the reason for that is because the show focused on the human side of Clark, not so much of the super.


Although we have a cinematic version of the Man of Steel flying around, this version fails to connect the fans with one of the most iconic superheroes of all time. Unfortunately, Henry Cavil’s Superman has not been received well by most critics as well as fans. I for one don’t fall into that category, however I would like to see more of Clark Kent. As a superhero fan, I love my superhero just as much as I do his secret identity. It’s what makes the character that much more authentic and real.

Tyler Hoechlin has recently debuted his Superman version on the CW Network, and I must say… The Last Son of Krypton brings hope for Superman fans. Although we only see him in the first two episodes on “Supergirl”, we get to see enough of the actor’s portrayal that you can’t help but want more. Every time he mentioned Lois Lane or the Daily Planet  I couldn’t help but hope the network would show us a peek of their version of Metroplis. Not to mention, Superman having his own show would mean more crossover opportunities for Superman to meet up with Flash and Green Arrow, which I know is something most of us are eager to see. The fans need… no, the fans DESERVE a Man of Steel they can reconnect with, one they can relate to. I believe Hoechlin has shown potential for doing just so. I know I for one wouldn’t mind falling back into that world, the world where we see Clark and Lois at the Daily Planet working side by side, or the world where Superman actually is super… not dark and moody. Cheer up Cavill, it’s a joke… you should try it sometimes. Shots fired.

Do you think the CW should pickup Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman for his own show? Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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