Are Warner Bros. Taking The Wrong Steps in Improving The DCEU?

DC Comics

After the critical and fan reception of “Batman V Superman”, Warner Bros. scrambled to attempt at making “Suicide Squad” “fun”. As we saw in the “Justice League” trailer, they seem to be taking a lighter tone. But is that really what’s wrong with the DCEU?

No, of course not, and I don’t think Warner Bros. realizes this. “Batman V Superman’s” problems were not in it’s tone, or how “fun” it was. In fact the moments where it tried to be “fun”-“Is she with you?”, “I’m a friend of your son’s”- are the worst parts of the movie. “Batman V Superman’s” problems were that it tried to do too much in one movie, and that WB tampered with Snyder’s vision. And then, instead of listening to the complaints about editing, WB instead only listened to soccer Moms that said it wasn’t “fun enough.”

Then they reshot most of “Suicide Squad”, tampered with Ayer’s vision, and the movie resulted in being mediocre. All because, well, WB is full of idiots.

So San Diego Comic-Con comes around and the “Justice League” trailer is released. It’s full of jokes as everyone has seen. Is that a bad thing? No, not at all. But it makes me think WB thinks that EVERYONE says “Batman V Superman” is bad because it’s not “fun”.

Thankfully, “Suicide Squad” came out before “Justice League” and “Wonder Woman”. So that will, hopefully, mean WB and DC now know their mistakes, and will work to fix them. Well, all they’ve really got to do is just not hire trailer editors. That’d be great.

But why would they cut Snyder’s vision apart in the first place with “Batman V Superman”? I mean, the movie was dark either way, and they cut key plot points. Simple: Money. WB thought that a run time over three hours would reduce ticket sales because that kind of run time results in less screens playing the movie. So that means less money…but not necessarily. WB was too stupid to realize the highest grossing movie of all time, “Titanic”, is over three hours long. Run time doesn’t equal success, word of mouth does. “Batman V Superman” was at a thirty percent on Rotten Tomatoes at the time of it’s release, and was disliked by some fans and most of the general audience. And that’s because a lot of the movie didn’t make much sense. This was of course fixed in the “Ultimate Cut”, but I’m only talking about the theatrical right now. I can almost guarantee both movies would’ve been well received if they were released as originally intended.

Point being: Warner Bros., stop it with the editing. And stop it with the “fun” thing. These movies don’t have to be Marvel.


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