‘The Walking Dead’ Renewed For Eighth Season


Though season six wasn’t the biggest hit with fans, AMC’s “The Walking Dead” has been, of course, renewed for a eighth season.


The eighth season will likely debut in October of 2017. “The Walking Dead” after show, “Talking Dead”, was also renewed. It’s said that the creators have plans all the way through season twelve. Some execs at AMC even go as far as saying it could go on forever (please God no). AMC shouldn’t get too excited though. Many fans were upset with the way the finale of season six turned out. We’ll see this coming Sunday if that cliffhanger was enough to keep fans coming back. Lately many networks have gotten too confident about their shows and have renewed them before they even premiere, example: “Vinyl”. The premiere for “The Walking Dead” better be mind blowing, or they’re not going to have very happy fans.

“The Walking Dead” will return with the death of one of our beloved characters this coming Sunday, October 27th. That’s if they don’t make us wait until season eight to find out who died.



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