‘Doctor Strange’ Tracking for $55-$75 Million Opening Weekend

Marvel, Movies

The numbers also show why box office tracking this early is pretty dumb.

Deadline reports that ‘Doctor Strange’ is currently heading for an opening weekend of $55-75 million. While the tracking is still good, and numbers a lot of filmmakers would kill for, the movie ending up with the former’s box office is still lower than you’d expect from a MCU movie.

Here’s the thing though. This early tracking doesn’t matter. Tickets just went on sale last week, and ‘Doctor Strange’ doesn’t come out for another two weeks. There’s plenty of time for people to still buy their tickets, and some people will just buy them the weekend or day they go. Remember how ‘Deadpool’s; tracking was lower than you’d expect from that type of movie? Then ‘Deadpool’ defied everyone’s box office expectations and delivered a huge opening weekend and overall gross.

The tracking being weaker than Marvel was hoping was evident ever since they started putting footage from other MCU movies into the TV spots, which is like what happened with ‘Ant-Man’s’ marketing. That movie didn’t have a huge opening weekend, but the film ended up doing fantastically worldwide.

My point is we just have to wait to the movie comes out to really see how ‘Doctor Strange’ is going to do. We can’t just go off of these numbers calling the movie a flop. I’m not saying everyone is doing that or has done that, but this problem does happen pretty frequently.

‘Doctor Strange’ hits theaters Nov. 4, 2016.

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