‘Flashpoint’ Didn’t Create Connor Hawke, It Erased Him



The first two episodes of “The Flash” season three – titled “Flashpoint” and “Paradox,” respectively – have set up some interesting timeline changes for the season due to Barry’s meddling with the timeline in the season two finale. For the most part, producers and showrunners have stated that the brunt of the timeline changes would only affect Barry and the characters around him, and wouldn’t ripple throughout the entire DCTV universe. One major exception to that, however, would be the “Arrow” character Diggle.

We saw in the episode “Paradox” that Diggle’s child – who was a daughter named Sarah in the original timeline – is now a son named John, after Diggle himself. This has caused much speculation among the fanbase.

Last year on “Legends of Tomorrow,” fans were introduced to a character called Connor Hawke in the episode “Star City 2046.” As the episode progressed, the audience was made aware that this Connor Hawke – who was very much different than his comic book counterpart – was the son of John Diggle and that his real name was John Diggle, Jr. Where he got the name Connor Hawke wasn’t explained, and to be honest was a little convoluted. But this isn’t about that, it’s about something quite different.

With Baby Sarah being changed to Baby John on “Arrow,” fans have been speculating that “Flashpoint” has actually created the Connor Hawke character we saw on “Legends” last season. The theory goes that the new Baby John will, obviously, grow up to become the successor to the Green Arrow mantle and will call himself Connor Hawke. There is a huge, glaring, problem with this theory.

As the title of the “Legends” episode would suggest, the episode takes place in the year 2046. 2046 is a nice round number, exactly 30 years in the future. It has kind of a “Back to the Future” vibe to it. And that is where the problem arises. Baby John – from the picture we’ve seen – looks to be at least three or four years old, and could be even older since we don’t know how old that picture is. The Connor Hawke we saw in “Legends” wasn’t anywhere near 33 or 34 years old. At best, he was 25 or 26.

The simple fact is, “Flashpoint” didn’t actually create the Connor Hawke character we saw last year, it actually erased him. It is possible that Diggle and Lyla could still have that son who we saw in “Legends.” Baby John might still have a younger brother on the way, but the younger Diggle’s name won’t be John.

It’s also possible that Baby John could grow up to take up the Green Arrow mantle, and maybe he’ll still even call himself Connor Hawke. He won’t be the same character, though, because he is literally a whole other person. The Connor we met last year – at least the version we did see in “Star City 2046” – is just gone. Barry erased that Connor from the timeline.

Now, this doesn’t mean we’ll never see that future Green Arrow again. I actually really hope we do. I liked that character quite a bit and I would love to see him maybe join up with the Legends in a future season of “Legends of Tomorrow.” They could recast the part, they could pull him out of the timeline several years before 2046 to make the age thing work; there are many options open for reviving a version of that character.

However, the fact still remains that Barry didn’t create Connor with “Flashpoint.” If anything, he severely altered that character and at worse he may have actually erased him from the timeline entirely. But that’s the nature with time travel and a fluid future.

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