Roseanne Halloween Specials (31 Nightmares #11


Another landmark for TV Halloween specials.

Monday, I talked about “The Simpsons'” annual halloween special, “Treehouse of Horror,” which really got me thinking about another show’s halloween specials, that was going on around the same time,”Roseanne.”

“Roseanne” wasn’t just special for it’s Halloween episodes but for the show itself, portraying a honest working, poor family in an honest light. When it came to Halloween though, you’d think they were drowning in money. You know, until they actually were, and the entire show was ruined.

During it’s run, “Roseanne” had 8 Halloween specials:”Boo,” “Trick or Treat,” “Trick Me Up,” “Trick Me Down,” “Halloween IV,” “Halloween V,” “Skeleton in the Closet,” “Halloween: The Final Chapter, and “Satan, Darling.”

“Boo’s” my favorite, as it has so much to offer. Something so creative and funny is going on all the time. The Halloween prank war between Roseanne and Dan is so unpredictably inventive and hilarious, and how it intersects with “Tunnel of Terror” plot is beautiful.¬†While “Trick or Treat” doesn’t quite live up to Boo, it’s still gets you in the Halloween spirit perfectly. “Trick or Treat” is seeing a more regular Halloween for the Connors, with some nice character building moments. Even though the Connors’ house doesn’t have any decorations, the Halloween atmosphere is still set really well due to everyone’s inventive costumes. Darlene’s is my favorite. Her costume more simplistic than Dan and Becky’s, but that’s part of what I love about it. The costume is just so her, and I’ll always remember the scene where they first show it.¬†“Halloween IV” is next. I love how they use the three ghosts “A Christmas Story” formula. The ending is kinda weak. It’s something Roseanne would do, but I just expected a better ending. “Trick Me Up, Trick Me Down” is great for seeing the Roseanne and Kathy play out on Halloween. It’s nice to see Booker too.The whole ending reveal of “Halloween V” is just so perfect, with the buildup just being so well plotted. The Nancy plot works well too. The last two, “Halloween: The Final Chapter” and “Satan Darling” have fun moments but are mostly forgettable.

Roseanne was a revolutionary show for its time, and one of the shows that take Halloween specials to the extra mile, like “Treehouse of Horror.” Even when the show was getting weaker, they were always something to look forward to, even if they ended up being disappointed.

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