When the Trailers are Better than the Movie… (31 Nightmares #6)

31 Nightmares, Movies

As is the case with “Evil Dead.”

The “Evil Dead” remake held an interesting position. A remake that most people weren’t against. People that worked on the original trilogy, including Sam Raimi (director) and Bruce Campbell (Ash) served as producers on “Evil Dead.” The tone was more serious, as oppose to the more comedic tone of the original, which helped make it it’s own movie. So what happened?

“Evil Dead” ended up a very underwhelming movie. The same director, Fede Alvarez, went on to make 2016’s “Don’t Breathe,” another underwhelming horror movie.

When I saw the red-bad trailer of “Evil Dead,” out of New York Comic-Con, I was so hyped. The film looked so full of energy, from the way the film was being shot and edited to the gore, which was insane. I love movies that just go for it like that. As crazy as some of the effects they were doing were, they looked really convincing.¬†Up until then, I wasn’t opposed to “Evil Dead,” just didn’t really care about it. After that red band trailer though, I was so into the movie… until I saw it.

The main problem, with “Evil Dead” is just that the film didn’t have a lot to offer, beyond cool blood and gore. Those were all mostly shown in the trailer to the hook people, so they ended up not having the same effect in the movie. That’s not the movie’s fault. Still though, the movie only really offering that isn’t good.

Another area “Evil Dead” was lacking in is energy. The trailers had such a uniqueness to them, with the quick editing and relentless nature. Those trailers were like a roller coaster, giving me a whirlwind of emotions. When the evil in the book is unleashed, the film wasn’t letting up. While that’s true in terms of story, the only time I really felt that in the movie was when something gory was happening on screen. What made it all even worse is the film advertised itself as being “the most terrifying movie you will ever experience. While, chances are, there was no way that was going to true, I was okay with them saying that if the movie had just been a great experience, even though they probably thought it was.

I eventually did experience something “Evil Dead” related that gave me the same feeling I got from the trailer, the “Evil Dead” house at Halloween Horror Nights 23. That was probably my favorite house from that year, where the amount of energy, uncomfortableness, and relentlessness, that I wanted from the movie, finally came out.

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