Lights Out: One of the Best Horror Movies of 2016 (31 Nightmares #5)

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One of the biggest surprises of the year.

When I first saw the trailer for “Lights Out”, I thought it looked awful. While stylistically it did look a little cool, everything else just looked like a generic horror movie. That’s why I was very surprised, and glad, to hear the that the movie was getting good reviews. After seeing it, I have to say this is one of the best horror movies of the year.

“Lights Out”, as a horror movie, is very refreshing. The characters make smart decisions, as well as being well developed and likable. The decisions from the characters don’t feel rushed and out of place. Everything the characters do feels earned. The acting from the main cast is also good too, which really helps round out the characters and keeps them from falling into any sort of cliche character tropes.

Whereas “The Conjuring 2” dragged, this was wonderfully paced. It’s a short movie, 1h 21min, but the length feels very satisfying and appropriate. Nothing felt like it came too late or too early to throw the whole flow off.

(Spoilers for “Lights Out” below.)

I was really surprised to see that Billy Burke’s character was killed off in the opening scene. I really like him and wanted to see more of him, but it was a great way to set up the movie. I also like how they transitioned to Teresa Palmer’s character in making you think at first that she’s not connected to Billy Burke and his family. I love the ending too. I was thinking they were just going to defeat Diana, and everyone was going to live happily ever, but no. Sophie had felt the guilt and was recognizing the bad Diana had been doing with killing her two husbands. Then going after her daughter, son, and daughter’s boyfriend.

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