‘Wolverine 3’ Title Revealed

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Darren Leslie Jr. Live from New York to present to you the newly revealed title of the upcoming X-Men solo film that has been tentivly titled Wolverine 3, until now.

This morning, Hugh Jackman took to Twitter announce the title of the new film which will be called Logan. 

The image includes Logan’s signature claws with his fists cradling a childs hand.

Personally, after the hype and speculation I was a little let down by the revelation. But(honestly while I’ve been writing this article ) its been growing on me.

The images and title implies two things. First, Logan is trying to be more than a superhero movie. Succeed or not any movie that tries to transend it’s own genre is adberable.

Secondly it does seem to confirm some elements of old man logan will make it into the film.  Logan is trying to protect his family in the comics and obviously Logan is protecting this little girl, maybe it’s his daughter?

Overall I am sold on this title. I’m one of the few who actually really enjoyed the Wolverine(up until the last act) and I’m happy that they got Mangold back in the directors chair.

Hopefully this movie turns out being the rightful final farewell to Hugh Jackmans Wolverine.

Logan Opens in theaters March 3, 2017

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