‘Suicide Squad’ Extended Cut Announced

DC Comics

As we all predicted, “Suicide Squad” is in fact getting an Extended Cut since WB had to go screw it up in the editing room.

After Best Buy posted a listing to their website of the “Suicide Squad Extended Cut”, WB officially released a trailer.

Check out the trailer here:

Personally, I’m dying to see this. I’m one of the few who actually enjoyed “Suicide Squad” but I knew it had a lot of problems. And it was truly saddening how much of Leto’s Joker got cut from the movie. Hopefully this is the last of DC’s “Extended Cut” run and they don’t have to release one for “Wonder Woman”. I think they’ve learned there lesson.

I also hope this “Extended Cut” is Rated R like the “Batman V Superman: Ultimate Cut”.

“Suicide Squad: Extended Cut” will release on Digital HD November 15th, and on Blu-Ray December 13th.

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