You’re Next Came at a Perfect Time (31 Nightmares #2)

31 Nightmares

What looked like a hugr eambarrassment ended up being a huge suprise.

When I saw the trailers for You’re Next, I thought it looked pretty shitty. Then I saw the great reviews and heard about the self awareness, which really intrigued me.

By the time “You’re Next” came out, I was really losing faith in horror films, especially slasher films. I really liked the Conjuring but that was also James Wan. Evil Dead was a really big disappointment, pretty much relying on gore alone.

Then “You’re Next” came along on a weekend of great movies (Blue Jasmine, The Spectacular Now, and The World’s End) that it really could’ve ruined, but I the movie ended up being really enjoyable. Plus “You’re Next” ended up making up for “Blue Jasmine.” A film I don’t like, but I don’t think it’s a bad movie. Care Blanchett is great in it.

“You’re Next” gave me what I was looking for, a good slasher film. The film wasn’t scared to go gory as demonstrated by the enjoyable amount of countless horrific acts that the characters in this movie go through. The self awareness really adds to that enjoyment. It’s there as something for the audience to pick up on. Movies with more direct self awareness (“21 Jump Street” franchise) can work, but they can also have catastrophically horrible results (Vacation). “You’re Next” is so refreshing in that it’s a movie knows how stupid the characters are acting and wants you to laugh at them.

The middle does slow down some, in which the film just meanders. That’s realed in by the climax though. The filmmakers could’ve really fucked that ending up, but the ending is really cleverly executed and works well with the rest of the film.

The female protagonist was portrayed really well here. They didn’t make anything about how she’s a girl kicking all this ass. I know I’m in turn seem to be making a big deal about her gender by writing this, but I just wanted to point how movies/TV sometimes make too big of a deal about this to the point that it gets forced and annoying.

If you want a good slasher movie that fills your fix for hilarity and blood and gore, go watch “You’re Next.” It’s a fun time.

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