What If Superman Were Real?

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Sometimes I just like to let my imagination run wild. That’s what I’ll be doing today as I explore what a world with Superman would be like.

Though a real world, realistic Superman has been explored in films such as “Man of Steel” and “Batman V Superman”, but there are also other things that haven’t been explored. How would other countries react other than the U.S.? Would the government attempt to murder this being out of fear? Would there be things like the “Sokovia Accords” that attempt to regulate beings like Superman? Let’s look into this and question every possibility.

Keep in mind Kryptonite never landed on Earth. And none of his villains have come into play. I am just talking about how the world would react to Superman alone.

How would citizens react?

Let’s say Superman comes out of hiding. He shows off to the world everything he can do. What would be the world’s reaction? Fear. Citizens would be against him no matter the good he did. It’s human instinct to fear something that’s more powerful than us, no matter what it does. No matter how many times Superman would try to prove to humans he is on their side, no one would trust him except a few. I don’t doubt some would form cults worshipping him as their god. But would Superman condone their actions as followers of him? I doubt it. Judging from comic books and films, Superman is quite selfless; I don’t think he would want anyone worshipping him.

How would world leaders/the government react?

World leaders would come together to attempt at killing this being. What would they do when they find out there is no known Earthly element that could weaken Superman? I assume they would attempt to ratify an act regulating Superman. Superman would most likely be against this and the government would keep looking into a way to kill him. Let’s pretend for a second that they do find a way to kill him. I feel as though the world would realize what they had. When Superman was alive crime rate would probably be at an all time low. It would rise once again when he died. Though the government wouldn’t come out and say they killed him, if they did, citizens would revolt and claim he was always their hero. Even though they disrespected him while he was alive.

How would other countries react?

Something “Batman V Superman” never talked about was how other countries would react. Superman though an alien, was raised in Kansas. I feel like some countries would fear that the U.S. government would use him as a weapon, and would attempt at developing their own superhumans. I don’t doubt that the U.S. would try to use him as a war-weapon but there’s no way Superman would be for it.

How would it affect Clark Kent?

How would this all affect Clark Kent as a person though? I think he would regret his actions of coming out to the world, as sad as that is. He would most likely hand up his cape until the world would accept for who he is.

This makes me go against wishing Superman were real. I cannot imagine the toll that would take on a person. Having the whole world against you, the government trying to kill you, and countries trying to replicate you.

What do you think would happen if Superman were real? Let us know in the comments below!



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