Luke Cage Episode One: “Moment of Truth” (REVIEW)


The long awaited Marvel Netflix series, “Luke Cage”, is finally hear. But does it live up to the likes of “Daredevil” and “Jessica Jones”?

In short: Yes. Though, not as good as Daredevil, but slightly better than “Jessica Jones”, “Luke Cage” delivers.

Episode one-titles “Moment of Truth”- is fantastic. Mike Colter is once again excellent as Cage himself. The whole cast is great.

Some of the shots are fascinating. For example, during the scene in which Cornell stands in front of the painting of a man with a crown. Top notch direction at work here.

The action is brilliant. There’s a shootout in the first episode where it’s very quiet. All you hear is gunshots. No yelling, no explosions, not even footsteps. Just gunshots. It’s an amazing scene. Then at the end of the episode comes the scene we’ve all been waiting for. I’m talking about the scene in which someone attempts at punching Luke. Let’s just say it doesn’t work out well for them. But that scene was great.

The opening credits are a lot like Daredevil’s, and I like that because it makes these shows similar, and more connected in a way. The theme is also great, so is the entire score. It really has a “Harlem” feel to it.

My only negative for this episode is the Avengers reference that’s made. It’s incredibly forced, and shouldn’t have been there.

Overall, “Moment of Truth” is a great introduction to what’s hopefully a fantastic series.

“Luke Cage” is streaming now on Netflix.

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