‘The Lion King’ to be directed by Jon Favreau!

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Today we received confirmation from not only  Jon Favreau  but Walt Disney Pictures  themselves that they are in active development for a reimaging of The Lion King. The film will be a CGI/Live Action hybrid similar to this year’s Jungle Book.

After the smash hit that was The Jungle book this year this is no shock to me personally and I’m astounded by the idea. The idea of the technology applied to The Jungle Book used to adapt a modern version of The Lion King was one of my first thoughts walking out of the picture.

Plus, Jon Favreau is a marvelous director that did a suburb job directing the Jungle Book. Bringing the world of The Lion King is no small task and I’m happy to see this work land in a capable directors hands.

Now there are still many questions to be asked about this film, when is it coming out? Who’s writing it? Also, who’s scoring it?   Can they get Hans Zimmer back at the helm?

All these questions and more should be answered in the coming months as production moves forward. But overall, great news. I can’t wait to return to pride rock with a new generation and a new direction.

The Lion King is currently without a release date. 

I’m Darren Leslie Jr. writer for Cinema Skwad. Check out my Youtube channel here and follow me on Twitter here.

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